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  • WordPress is Already Pre-installed for All New Hosting Accounts
  • Free WordPress Migration to Our Servers
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates
  • Automated Daily Backups Kept for 7 Days
  • Expert WordPress Support Available 24/7
  • Super Fast Servers Powered by Latest-Gen Xeon Gold CPUs and SSDs

Custom WordPress Power Tools Included with All Plans

Nivek Hosting

Easy WordPress Installations

For your convenience, WordPress can come pre-installed with your new account with a single click during the order process.

Most domain registrars require you to have a Hosting Provider that allows WordPress Hosting.

Most Web Hosting Companies require you to purchase or obtain the WordPress Installation on your own and then you must install the WordPress Installation on  your own accord with very limited support.

All of the Nivek Hosting Web Accounts comes with a 2 step / 2 Click installation process.

Also, the Nivek Hosting Control Panel provides to you, as the admin, easy account and password recovery and reset.

Nivek Hosting

Free Let's Encrypt Certificates

We offer free wildcard Let’s Encrypt certificates with all of our plans, and you can seamlessly set them up with every WordPress installation.

You may set this up with all of the Sub-Domain WordPress Installations, including Shopping Cart / Store access and other User Account Login access controls.

You may force the HTTPS and you may force the WWW at the beginning of each WordPress setup. This also includes the Blog sections of your WordPress if you should choose.

Nivek Hosting

WP-CLI, SSH, and Git

For experienced users, we offer SSH access alongside powerful tools such as Git and WP-CLI – the command line interface for WordPress.

Nivek Hosting

Expert WordPress Support

Nivek Hosting’s Partners offers a Support Team to assist with Nivek Hostings’ clients on most types of WordPress Assistance and Questions that you may have.

Before posting your next question at the support forums, consider reaching out to their team of experts, with a guaranteed 15-minute response time.

Nivek Hosting would need to create your support account prior to reaching out to support. Unlike other hosting accounts, there is not an additional charge for this support feature.

Nivek Hosting

Free Site Migrations

Leave the boring stuff to the Nivek Hosting Support Partners – they will assist and test your website on our infrastructure free of charge, usually within 24 to 48 hours of submitting your request.

This is usually an additional charge by the other TOP Hosting Companies!

Nivek Hosting

Automated Daily Backups

The Nivek Hosting Partners perform daily backups of your accounts, which are then kept on the servers for at least seven days. You can also back up on demand, and restore at your convenience.

Most Hosting Companies require that you perform all backups and store them on your own storage device on your own accord.

Some Hosting Companies will offer an extra charge to perform this feature / function for you!

WordPress Staging Area

You can work on and test out new features for your site without the risk of breaking your live site – when ready, you can integrate the changes with a single click.

Speed and Health Monitoring

The WordPress section of our Control Panel gives you a detailed overview of the status of your sites, and lets you know if you need to take any action.

Nivek Hosting

Integrated User Management

No more lost credentials to your WordPress Dashboard – seamlessly edit the passwords for WordPress users without leaving our custom Control Panel.

Proactive Security Rules

The Nivek Hosting Partners System Administrators constantly improve their WAF rules, and apply custom security patches and improvements to their server software.

Nivek Hosting

Force HTTPS Encryption

Once you have enabled an SSL certificate, you can force the HTTPS encryption for your WordPress site with a single click, without the need for any additional plugins.

Nivek Hosting

Automated WordPress Updates

You can enable the automated updates of the WordPress core version directly from Nivek Hosting Control Panel installer, ensuring that your site is always up-to-date and secure.

Frequently Asked WordPress Hosting Questions

Honestly? No one can say Yes or No. In reality, this depends on too many factors, the majority of which have more to do with your project than what the Nivek Hosting Partners are able to bring to the table. However, the Nivek Hosting Partners can guarantee that they constantly invest in the latest hardware. Currently, their servers are powered by 18-core Intel Xeon Gold processors, and are all backed by SSD storage for super-fast file access speed. Additionally, they can guarantee that they never put too many users on a single shared server. Finally, whenever your WordPress site does not perform as expected on their infrastructure, the Nivek Hosting Partners’ Support Team will work with you to optimize it further.

Nivek Hosting and the Nivek Hosting Partners were asking the same question, and found out that Managed WordPress hosting mostly constitutes of the following:

– WordPress either comes pre-installed, or with an easy to use installer;
– Automated updates of the WordPress Core version;
– Daily full site backups;
– FREE SSL Encryption with every account, on any plan;
– Enhanced security via custom firewall rules and patches;
– Expert assistance with any WordPress question, from free migrations to plugin updates to the dreaded White Screen Of Death.

The Nivek Hosting Partners weren’t surprised to find out that they already checked all of these items, and have been consistently doing so for years – their Support Team has been providing super fast, friendly, and knowledgeable advice on WordPress sites for as long as WordPress has existed, and they have gradually been releasing WordPress-specific tools to help their customers even more. They are working on new additions to their custom Control Panel even now, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

There are two main differences between everyone else out there and our team. The first is the quality and speed of the Nivek Hosting Partners’ dedicated Support Team. Most of the time, our customers choose to ask them first before going to the vendors of their theme or plugin, or to the wider WordPress community for help, and with good reason. While most hosting providers will let you know that troubleshooting or even fixing issues with third-party software is beyond the scope of their services, The Nivek Hosting Partners’ Support Staff takes on such tasks daily, and gladly.

The second one is the Nivek Hosting Partners’ in-house development team and the unique products that they create for our users. First, they offer a custom Control Panel, which provides unrivaled control over the hosting environment in a friendly interface, way ahead of the cPanel-powered competition. Then there’s their state of the art Reseller Panel and Hosting-In-A-Box solution, simplifying both the hosting and billing parts of the business in order to bring the ultimate white label solution to all designers, developers, and dedicated WordPress agencies.

While free WordPress hosting exists, you will find yourself limited in even the simplest things, and discover that services such as pointing your own domain to your free site come at an additional cost. Some of the paid web hosting providers have hidden limitations to their services (beware of the word “unlimited”), and may even sneakily inject JavaScript into your site, which is why we are very out-front about what you get with every plan and hosting account.

While not critical, SSH access can be very helpful for experienced users and developers because it allows for direct access to the underlying architecture of the WordPress site. Additionally, we offer WP-CLI on all plans, which is a powerful command line interface to the WordPress core.

Most of our customers find that our Business plan provides the best value. It offers a lot of disk space – 100 GB, which is enough for big WordPress sites, and quite a few very large mailboxes (up to 10 GB per mailbox on the Business plan / 30 GB on the Business Plus plan!).

The WordPress hosting plans come with WordPress pre-installed and available for management using the WordPress section in the hosting control panel. All other hosting plans can also benefit from our one-click WordPress installer and the tools in the WordPress section of the control panel if you decide to install WordPress after ordering the account.