Privacy Policy

March 25, 2020

Your privacy is very important to us. Much of the specific information requested within our site is voluntary and need not be submitted by the website visitor. If personal information is submitted as part of a request for information, it is used to process and/or respond to the request. We do not release or sell information for the purpose of a third party’s marketing program or solicitations. If Nivek Group, or any of it’s entities, need to share your provided information with anyone outside of the Nivek Group Partnerships, Nivek Group will receive written permission of this request.

Nivek Group and it’s entities:
Nivek Group is the parent company name for many entities. The entities of Nivek Group is broken into many segments as it is easier for branding purposes. To see a listing of all the entities under the Nivek Group umbrella, please visit

Types of information collected by Nivek Group or it’s entities:
We collect and retain the personal data submitted by you when purchasing and/or submitting a form/request for Domain Registration, Web Hosting Account, Email Hosting Account,  IT Support Agreement, Web Design Agreement, Contact Us Form and any other form that is listed on a Nivek Group or entities websites and that form type/name may not be listed in this Privacy Policy statement.

Navigation information:
Each time you visit any of the Nivek Group’s and it’s entities website, anonymous navigation information is NOT collected by the Nivek Group’s Hosting Partners or their servers. None of the Nivek Group’s entities websites uses cookies or trackers. 

How we collect personal information offline:
Personal information will only be collected by you completing a purchase request of the services that Nivek Group and it’s entities offers or by completing one of the Contact Us forms. Again, Nivek Group and it’s entities use a tracker or cookies.

No need to panic. Again, Nivek Group, or it’s entities, does not use the “cookie” technology. Cookies were originally designed to help a website distinguish a user’s browser as a previous visitor and thus save and remember any preferences that may have been set while the user was browsing the site. A cookie is a small string of text that a website can send to your browser. A cookie cannot retrieve any other data from your hard drive, pass on computer viruses, or capture your email address.

When we disclose personal information:
Nivek Group, and it’s entities, works with other companies that help us provide solutions, products and services to you and we may provide the information that was provided by you to these companies. For example, we give shipping companies this information so they can deliver your hardware. In this case the information they receive is for shipping and delivery purposes only, and we require that the companies we contract with safeguard your personal information in accordance with local, state and national policies and laws.

Personal information collected at this site will only be disclosed to third parties in accordance with this Privacy Policy and with the terms and conditions of any relevant service. If Nivek Group, or it’s entities, are required to provide any information that was provided by you to a party that you did not consent to originally, Nivek Group will ask for permission in writing that you grant some or all of the previously provided information to the said third-party company.

We make our best efforts to ensure that our systems are secure. Nivek Group, and it’s entities, along with their partners work together to be sure that all aspects of data security is in place properly and up to date.

While all attempts have been made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of all materials contained within all of the Nivek Group’s websites, we recognize the possibility of human and/or mechanical error. Nivek Group, and it’s entities, reviews information for accuracy and reliability prior to posting. However, information on the pages may become outdated over time. Users are encouraged to verify any information (ie troubleshooting steps) prior to performing any tasks. Users shall always practice the “use at own risk” method when following any steps, guides, process, etc. while they are executing the information obtained. Due to the fact of the ever revolving updates to technology, Nivek Group and it’s entities cannot be held liable for any information that may become outdated.