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Domain Transfer with Hosting Purchase

Nivek Hosting does offer assistance with transferring your domain registration, web hosting and/or email hosting from a previous provider to Nivek Hosting and the Nivek Hosting Partners. Depending on the tasks at hand and what you and your team would like transferred, there may be a small fee to assist with the request.

The transfer of the Domain Registration and/or updating the Name Servers, A Record, CNAME and/or MX Record is FREE.

Nivek Hosting through our partnership with Nivek IT does charge for the assistance with migrating website data and/or email data. Nivek IT will review the task at hand that has been requested. Nivek IT will then work with you and your team on the cost to perform the tasks. 

Am I Required to Change My Domain Name Registration to
Nivek Hosting or to Nivek Hosting's Partnerships?

No. No one is required to change the registration of who their Domain Name is registered with. You may use Nivek Hosting and the partnerships of Nivek Hosting for Web Hosting and/or Email Hosting and leave your Domain Registration with the company that you prefer. All you will need to do is update the DNS Records for your Domain Name accordingly. Nivek Hosting and the partners of Nivek Hosting can and will assist you with this information.

Believe it or not, this is actually a common practice. Some corporations will use one Domain Registrar to control the Domain Name and then update the DNS Records to point to where the different aspects of the website and domain information should be directed to.

Nivek Hosting and the partners of Nivek Hosting does recommend performing the registration change to the Nivek Hosting platform as that makes it easier for us to make the DNS updates and brings the controls in-house.

Requirements to Performing a Domain Name Registration Transfer

If you wish to move your domain name from a Domain Registration Provider to the Nivek Hosting Partnership, you may initiate the transfer process by contacting Nivek Hosting.

Please Note: there are certain situations that can prevent a domain name from being transferred, such as if it was registered or renewed within the last 60 calendar days or if it has the WhoIs Privacy Protection enabled.

You will receive a confirmation from your current Domain Registration company to confirm the request. If you do not respond or return the form to the registrar, your transfer request will not be processed.

There are several bits of information that is required along with many steps to be completed by the Domain Name owner, the New Domain Name Registrar and the Current Domain Name Registrar before your Domain Name Registration can be completed. 

If you would like to perform a Domain Name Registration, please email advising of this request. 

Steps of Switching Hosting Providers

Moving from another provider

In order to move your site from your current hosting provider, you need to:

  1. Open an account with us. Once the account is opened, you will receive a welcome e-mail message. It will contain the necessary login and name server information.
  2. Upload your site’s content on our server. You also need to recreate your e-mail addresses through the online Control Panel. If your website uses server-side scripting, you should note that the languages we support on our servers are Perl, PHP, Python, TCL and Ruby. We also support MySQL databases. If your site uses MySQL, you would need to import the database content into your account and configure your software to connect to it with the settings on our end.
    If your previous host utilizes cPanel, you may transfer your data by importing a cPanel archive. Reach out to Nivek Hosting or Nivek IT for support on this.
  3. Test your website on our servers and verify that everything is working correctly. You can do this by updating your hosts file and deleting the cache of your browser and local DNS. You can find step-by-step instructions on how to perform these actions in our “Using your local hosts file“, “Clearing browser cache“, and “Clearing local DNS cache” articles.
  4. Point your domain name to your account with us after you have verified that everything is working properly. This can be done by updating its name servers with the ones included in the welcome e-mail message. You can change the name servers of your domain at your domain name registrar (the company through which you have registered the domain name).

After you switch the name servers, you should allow up to 24 hours for the DNS propagation to take place.

Moving your existing site's files

There are several options available to move your files from your current provider:

  • Upload your web site files using some FTP program.
    To use this option you will need to have some FTP program (CuteFTPSmartFTPFilezillaFetch for MAC, TransmitWS_FTPCyberDuck for MAC, etc) installed on your computer. If you have some HTML editing program with built-in publishing features such as DreamWeaverAdobe GoLive, you can use it as well.

    To move your website files to our server, you need to:

    1. Download your website files from your old hosting provider to your local computer.
      (In case you have a copy of your website files on your local computer, you can skip this step)
    2. Once you have the files downloaded, you need to upload them from your computer to your hosting account on our server. The FTP connection details can be found in your hosting account Welcome email. If your site consists of many files, it will be much easier and faster to upload an archive of the site and extract it via your Control Panel’s File Manager section by clicking on the archive name.
      If you need instructions on how to configure a particular FTP program, you may wish to check the following category in our Knowledge Base – Uploading files (Document coming soon).
      The main folder where your site files should be uploaded on our server is /www/www


    3. When you have all your site files uploaded to the server, you can test if the site is working fine online.
      In case your domain name is still pointed at your old web hosting provider, you can use the temporary URL listed in your account Welcome email to test the site. It should look something like, where username is your account username and is the name of the hosting server where your account is located.
    4. In case your site is database driven you may need alter some system paths, database connection settings, import your database to our server, etc.
  • Use the FTP Migration Manager available in your hosting account Control Panel.
    In case you do not have an FTP program or you wish a server-to-server transfer of files, you can use the FTP Migration Manager available in your web hosting account Control Panel. It gives you an option to download your site files from your old hosting provider server to ours without the hassle to download the files to your local computer first.
    To use the FTP Migration Manager you need to:
    1. Log into your hosting account Control Panel at our server and enter the FTP Migration section.
    2. Specify your old hosting account FTP details (as remote host you need to use the IP address of your old hosting server) and start the transfer. (see FTP Migration Manager)
    3. Once the transfer is completed you can test if the site is working fine online. In case your domain name is still pointed at your old web hosting provider, you can use the temporary URL listed in your account Welcome email to test the site.
    4. In case your site is based on server-side scripting, you may need to alter some system paths, database connection settings, import your database to our server, etc.
  • Use the cPanel importer available in your hosting account Control Panel.
    If you are moving a site from a service that runs cPanel, you may download a cPanel archive of your data and import it on our end by following the directions at:

DNS (nameservers) information

After you sign up for a hosting account, you will receive a welcome email message at the email address(es) provided during the registration. This message will contain the nameserver addresses that you should point your domain name to, along with other important information regarding your new hosting account.

Site and email availability after nameservers/DNS updates

After you update the nameservers of a domain name, the DNS updates need time to get propagated over the Internet. The DNS propagation depends on many factors; usually, the changes get propagated at most locations within minutes, but it may take up to 24 – 48 hours for the updates to take place at some networks. In the meantime, some visitors may reach your site at its old service provider, and some e-mail messages may end up at your mailboxes there.