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Nivek Hosting
  • WordPress is already pre-installed for all new hosting accounts. 
  • Free WordPress Migration to the Nivek Hosting Servers
  • FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates with Force HTTPS Encryption
  • Automated Daily Backups for the Previous 7 Days
  • Expert WordPress Support Available 24/7 offered through the our Hosting Partners
  • WP-CLI, SSH & Git Access and Control
  • Free Site Migrations
  • Free WordPress Staging Area
  • Speed and Health Monitoring
  • Integrated User Management with the Site’s Control Panel
  • Proactive Security Rules
  • Automated WordPress Updates

New Domain Purchase Only

If you are just looking to purchase the domain and have it for a later project or idea, this is perfect for you! New domain only purchases are as low as $10 a year and it comes with Domain Privacy for free!

New Domain
Hosting Purchase

Looking to start a new business or project? Nivek Hosting is the perfect place to start! Enter your desired name above in the search box to see if it is available and then see which is the best hosting plan for you. Your new business or project website can be started as low as $25 for the first year with our introductory sign up offer.

Unlike the others, Nivek Hosting’s Web Hosting Accounts comes with unlimited email accounts of iMAP Email Hosting. You can have your website actually setup on a different server and use Nivek Hosting as your Email Hosting provider. You can also have your website hosted with Nivek Hosting and use your email accounts hosted with your current email provider.

Nivek Hosting does offer free limited assistance with transferring your Domain Name Registration to the Nivek Hosting platform. Please click here for more information.

Domain Name Registration changes is not a requirement to use Nivek Hosting!

When you register a domain with any registrar, regulations require your personal information to be automatically entered into a public directory, that can often be used by hackers and spammers to compile mailing lists and steal domains. The Hosting Partners of Nivek Hosting offers a free privacy options to keep your personal details safely hidden.

Why choose Nivek Hosting over the TOP Named Hosting Companies?

Nivek Hosting


Nivek Hosting

and the other Hosting Companies that are available

Nivek Hosting has partnered up with the hosting company of ICDSoft. ICDSoft is a web hosting companyh supporting well over 50,000 active websites. They have started in 2001 and they continue to improve their services and offerings each year. They also provide to Nivek Hosting 24/7/365 Support for any assistance that me be needed, at no additional charge.

Most of the TOP Named Hosting Companies are so large that it takes them some time to assist with any support that is needed. Most of them also charge extra for each additional feature. They also charge extra for the Who-Is Domain Privacy Registration, which should be free. They all charge extra for email accounts. If you purchase a web domain, why should you pay extra for email accounts? They charge these extra amounts to help line the C-Level Exec’s with more money. Nivek Hosting, and their partners are here to help the Small Business and the Advanced Personal User succeed at a more reasonable price and have the support they need.

Lastly .. if you perform a domain name availability check on their websites and you do not purchase it within a couple days, they will purchase the domain and/or provide that information to a “Web Domain Buyer, Reseller, Wholesaler” to purchase the domain so it can be sold at a higher price. Nivek Hosting and ICDSoft does not participate in this action. Nivek Hosting believes that this form of business operation should be illegal.

Review the next few segments of what Nivek Hosting and their partner is able to offer as part of your new hosting plan or a discounted rate compared to the larger companies. 

24/7/365 Technical Support

At the Nivek Hosting Partners, they place an emphasis on superior customer care. Their staff is very experienced and always eager to assist us. More than 70% of their clients go to them as they are referred by a current client. The reason is obvious – the support is simply the best!

Nivek Hosting

Highly qualified professionals

The Nivek Hosting Partner Support Team is comprised of highly qualified and talented professionals with diverse backgrounds and experience in the IT field. They will make sure every question is answered to our satisfaction, thus assisting us with the development of your web site. We can always ask anything we need, and we are guaranteed a 15-minute response. Furthermore, the online documentation covers almost all aspects of developing a web site.

Nivek Hosting

15-minute response guarantee
for all support tickets

Is your current host taking days to return your tech support requests? The Nivek Hosting Partner Support responds to each support ticket within 15 minutes, and to each email message within one hour.

One more fact – their average response time for tickets is 7 minutes. You read that correctly – The Nivek Hosting Partner Support Team has processed more than 500,000 support tickets with 7 (seven) minutes response and resolution time.

24/7 state-of-the-art
tech support ticketing system

Absolutely the best ticketing system ever created. Nivek Hosting is able to open a tech support ticket via an online, easy to use form. Then just allow several minutes to get an answer and resolution. The entire process is rather simple, and Nivek Hosting will be notified by e-mail once the ticket is answered.

Please check out the other Nivek Group Teams to see how we can help you, your team and your business work effectively.

Nivek Group is the corporate name for all the sections/departments/entities of the Nivek brand.

Nivek IT is “Your Personal IT Support” team that is here to assist you and your team with any all computer, printer and network related requests!

Nivek IT offers remote support as well as onsite support at a discounted rate! 

Visit the NivekIT.com website for more information.

Nivek Word Press Design is here to help you design a website using the Word Press design tool kit. It is not a secret, that is why WP is in the name. Nivek WP Design is not an expert, but we do promise to work on giving the high quality first class design that you desire and deserve!

Nivek SEO is still under development as we are still in the learning phases of how the SEO works. Please visit back to this soon as the plan is to have this entity developed and rolled out by the summer time!

Nivek Phones is the segment that supports the Cloud Phone services. Nivek Group has partnered Digium, Sangoma and VoIP Supply to bring you the best options for Cloud Phone Services resulting in easier access to Work From Home options!

Charities and Non-Profit Groups

Nivek Hosting does offer special pricing rates for Non-Profit Groups, Fund Raisers and other Special Events. To see if you qualify for the special pricing rates, please visit the Charity / Non-Profit Web Hosting Discount Page to complete the form requesting for us to contact you in this regards. Please include any information that you feel is important for us to have to help determining the validation of the request.

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